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Milica Djordjević

Milica Djordjević (1984, Belgrade, Serbia) graduated composition from the
Faculty of Music in Belgrade, where she also finished studies of Sound and
Music Recording and Production as well as specialized training in electronic
music. She finished postgraduate specialist studies in composition at
Conservatoire National de Region de Strasbourg in the class of Ivan Fedele
(2007-2009) and graduated with honors. She continued her professional
accomplishments in Paris, where she was enrolled in composition and
computer music Cursus1 at IRCAM (2009-2010).
Lives and studies in Berlin.

Djordjević has attended various composition master classes, courses and
festivals – YoungArtistFestival (Germany, 2003), International Bartỏk Seminar
and Festival (Hungary, 2004), International Summer Academy Prague-Vienna-
Budapest (Austria, 2005), International Young Composers Meeting and
International Gaudeamus Music Week 2006 (The Netherlands), Acanthes 2007,
2009 and 2010 (France), Workshop for Contemporary String Quartet Music
(Blonay, Switzerland, 2008), International Review of Composers (Belgrade,
Serbia, 2006, 2008, 2010),  festival KoMA’ (Belgrade, Serbia, 2004, 2005, 2006,
2010), 44th International Summer Course for New Music (Darmstadt, Germany,
2008), Ars Musica (Brussels, Belgium, 2009), Impuls Academy (Graz, Austria,
2011) ...

She has been awarded numerous prizes and scholarships (Scholarship for
talents of the Serbian Government 2008, First Prize at the ISA05 for the
composition SIVO [Gray], the Third Prize at the 12th YCM Apeldoorn for the
composition Opsena nigdine, Minotaur, ili šta? [Mirage of Nowhere, Minotaur of
What?], Finalist of the StaubachPreis competition in Darmstadt 2008, selected
for the ISCM World New Music Days 2011, nominated for the April Prize of the
City of Belgrade etc.)
... and worked with ensembles and performers such as the Arditti Quartet, Neue
Vocalsolisten, ensemble Alternance, Luca Pfaff, Jean Deroyer, Sylvio Gualda,
Cerys Jones, Orchestre National de Lorraine, on_line_vienna, Ereprijs...
Djordjević's music has been performed and broadcasted in Serbia, Croatia,
Macedonia, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Austria, The Netherlands,
Denmark and the United Kingdom.