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Laura Mello

1972 born in Blumenau/Brazil

78-88 Brazil takes piano classes, takes dance classes (Blumenau)
88-01 (Curitiba) takes piano classes, takes dance classes
91-01 Studied Social Communication, Composition and Conducting,
post graduated on Aesthetics.
03-05 Vienna postgradualer Lehrgang Elektroakustische Musik
Theodor-Körner Preis
06 Berlin begins her PhD at the TU Berlin (Audiokommunikation)
about Video-Dance Performances (Tutors: Stefan Weinzierl,
Helga de la Motte-Haber)
07 Musiktheater at the Institut für Neue Musik (Universität der
Künste & Hans Eisler)
08 …
78-88 brazil plays the piano, sings in the choir (blumenau)
84-86 theater for the youth as (young) writer/director
88-01 (curitiba) plays the piano again viola too plays the piano
in the choirs viola in the orchesters writes music for music
writes/plays music for theater
01 olegárcio – pocket opera
02 (florianópolis) teaches at the university plays with dancers
writes/plays music for theater
03-05 vienna avadata – for guitar and tape on the phone –
4 channel, video, dance plays with jamparanoia dances with
slowforward and d.d.dorvillier triggers music and lights in the
theater thru austria
06-... berlin djane´s room in mqw wien parallels in the
studiobühne berlin triggers lights in köpenick plays music for
dance, takes dance classes takes singing classes
birth of KosmetiKRadio