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Nicolas Wiese

Nicolas Wiese, born 1976 in Itzehoe/Germany, is a media artist,
sound artist and graphic designer based in Berlin.
In 2005, he graduated in Communication design at the design department of
HAW Hamburg. Apart from that, he studied Experimental sound design at the
University of Arts in Berlin, as well as Sociology and Philosophy the University
of Hamburg.
Wiese creates works in various media and formats, for different contexts –
installation and spatial performance, contemporary electronic composition,
relational music, graphic art, radio and experimental film.
His electroacoustic sound works are being released, physically and via internet,
by labels and organisations around the world since 2003; and there have been
numerous broadcasts on public and non-commercial radio stations worldwide.
He received recognition prizes from the ETH Zurich (Digital Art Week /
Soundscape Competition 2007) and from DEGEM and Canadian
Electroacoustic Community (Jeu de temps Competition 2009).

Performances, installations/exhibitions, and film/video screenings (selection):
Berlinische Galerie / Berlin, REM series / Museum Weserburg, Bremen,
Weezie Gallery for Contemporary Art Leipzig, Festival SONIKAS / Madrid,
De Witte Zaal / Gent, Neue Musik in St. Ruprecht / Vienna, Imprimerie / Basel,
TADAEX 2012 Festival / Tehran, Hunt Gallery / St. Louis, USA, Miden Video
Art Festival / Kalamata, Greece, 1st Roaming Tehran Biennial in Istanbul,
Belgrade and Berlin, Museum for Arts and Craft / Hamburg, ETH Digital Arts
Week / Zurich, Duotone Arts Festival / Kelowna, Canada, Flussi Festival /
Avellino, Italy, Hoerbar / Hamburg, SKAM / Hamburg, Ausland Berlin, Atelier
Mommen / Brussels, Festival Artmuse / Bocholt, British Film Institute / London.