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Hideki Kozakura

Hideki Kozakura was born in Nagoya, Japan, in 1970. He is currently residing in Berlin
and works as a pianist as well as a composer. After having graduated at the Tokyo
University of Fine Arts and Music under the supervision of Teruyuki Noda and Akira
Miyoshi, he studied for a year with Tristan Murail in New York in 1999 with support of
the Japanese Government Overseas Programme. He received his second Master-
degree in composition from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (Kungliga
Musikhögskolan) under the guidance of Pär Lindgren, Bent Sørensen and Örjan
Sandred. He won the Second Prize in the 1997 Takemitsu Composition Competition,
and ever since his pieces have been performed by excellent musicians and ensembles.
Featured prizes include the Japan Symphonic Prize, the Nomura-Foundation Prize, the
Berlin Culture and Science Prize. Being very active in projects involving cultural
exchange with invited musicians from abroad, Hideki is also the leader and founder of
"Nuovo Virtuoso", a group dedicated to promoting young and promising Japanese
musicians and composers.