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Peng Yin

Peng Yin was born in Beijing, China, in 1979. He started taking piano lessons
at the age of six. Nine years later he joined the music grammar school in Beijing,
where he studied music theory and traditional Chinese Music. From 1992 until
2002 he studied composition at the Chinese Conservatory of Music in Beijing.
Since 2003, after one year in Hamburg, he has been studying composition with
Prof. Walter Zimmermann at the University of the Arts Berlin. Since 2007 he
attends the masterclass of composition.

Peng Yin received a grant from the Gustav-Kettel-Stiftung in 2008 and from the
Berlin Senate in 2009. He participated in the New Music Festival Beijing, where
his piece was performed by Ensemble Recherche. In June 2009, Peng Yin won
the 3rd prize of the Hanns Eisler Composition Award. In summer 2010 his music
was performed in numerous concerts in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Frankfurt (a.M.),
and Berlin. At the same time he gave lectures at the University of Tel Aviv and
at the Academy of Arts in Berlin, on ocassion of a German-Israeli composers'

Main works:

          Spiegel (2003) - for Ensemble

          Saxophonquartett (2004)
          Wang Shi I (2005)- for 2 Pianos and Voice
          Wang Shi II (2006)- for 8 Instruments

          - Musical translations of gardening architecture
          Fische fangen (2007) - Quintet
          Series of compositions "Tripeditrip" (2008 - 2009)

          - based on poems by Gu Cheng
          Tripeditrip I - for Viola Solo
          Tripeditrip II - for 8 Instruments
          Tripeditrip III - for harp Solo
          Fadenspiele - for 4 Hand Piano
          Die Mummerehlen - for Ensemble